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December 1, 2014

Dinesh Trivedi speaks on Ebola in Lok Sabha

Dinesh Trivedi speaks on Ebola in Lok Sabha

Trinamool MP Dinesh Trivedi speaks on the issue of Ebola in Lok Sabha. Here is the full transcript of his speech

It said that it constitutes a public health risk to other states. While the Union Health Minister for Family & Welfare on a statement to the House on August 6, 2014, said that the risk transmission to the country’s outset to the African region was low.

But, Sir, since then cases of Ebola have resurfaced, not only in USA but in India too. There have also been reports that protocol issued by the Ministry for screening passengers have not been implemented fully. Only 2 out of 14 airports have isolated facilities and hospital staffs have been found lacking in training.

Sir, I would request the Minister to apprise the House of the current status, of the country’s core capacity of laboratory support as per the WHO advisory of assured access to a qualified diagnostic laboratory for the virus. Medical protocol is once a person is diagnosed reports may be made public.

Further, Sir, awareness initiative proposed by the Ministry which will inform and not create panic amongst the citizens of the country made public. Sir, I would request earnestly to the Government to expedite awareness in managing Ebola.

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