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December 20, 2014

Do not play these dirty games, Mr Jaitley: Derek O`Brien

Do not play these dirty games, Mr Jaitley: Derek O`Brien

National Spokesperson of Trinamool and Chief Whip in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien today addressed a press conference at New Delhi today.

He slammed the Union Finance Minister for resorting to weekend bytes to put a spin to things. He also accused the BJP of targeting the Trinamool.

Here is what Derek O’Brien said:

  • Mr Jaitley is FMFrustrated Minister – because he cannot get any bills passed in the Parliament.
  • Mr Jaitley is FM – the Falsehood Minister. We have filed two Privilege Notices against Mr Jaitley – one for misleading the House on Christmas issue and the other for lying to the House on Sarada case. Paragraph 39 of SC verdict states that SC has not appointed a Monitoring team for CBI probe in Sarada case.
  • Two days of Parliament are still left. If Mr Jaitley thinks he has seen the best of TMC, he is wrong.
  • Insurance Bill is not a reform. It is only being touted as a reform. This is not about TMC. This is about the nation as a whole. We do not need these so-called reforms.
  • Seven-eight parties parties are united in the Opposition. May be Mr Jaitley has made some promises to his Boss, which we are not aware of.
  • Let us not get into scams because I can also throw mud. Let us bring issues like that of the BCCI into the public domain. Let us see who is in charge and who is pulling strings in the BCCI.
  • It is unbecoming of the Finance Minister, who is also the Information & Broadcasting Minister, to put spins to certain things.
  • I raised a question in the Rajya Sabha yesterday, and I repeat it today. Were the Finance Ministers called? Yes, we are for GST. But the way these things are being done is not correct.
  • On the floor of the Rajya Sabha, political reality is there. BJP should pull up old records and see how they used to disrupt the Rajya Sabha. The BJP is now trying to find the villain of the piece and pass the buck on to Trinamool.
  • Mr Jaitley cannot use weekend bytes to try and put spin to things. Not at all. Not acceptable. This is not about Trinamool. This is about a United Opposition.
  • BJP should fight us politically. Do not play these dirty games, Mr Jaitley. Do not make it a street-slanging match.
  • Spinning media can help win election campaigns, but governance is serious business.