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December 9, 2014

Incidents of communal violence rising across India: Derek O’Brien in RS

Trinamool MP and Chief Whip in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien today raised the issue of burning of a church in East Delhi during the Zero Hour. He said that incidents of communal violence were rising across India and thanked the Chairman for allowing a discussion regarding the issue.

Full transcript of his speech:

Sir, with 16 days to go for Christmas, I am saddened, I am horrified and I am angry. We are all familiar with the basic details of what happened last week in east Delhi. It was pretty obvious, because I actually went to that Church a few days later, and also participated in an all faith demonstration held in front of the Police Headquarters.

There is a SIT which has been set up but to the casual observer – if you go there, you can make out the St Sebastian Church at Dilshad Garden – it is a case of targeted arson, malicious intent and devious timing.

Sir, it is not a co-incidence, that the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha at the top of this session has already allowed us a full-fledged coming up next week on the increasing communal incidents in the country. Sir, what happened that day, was not just one incident. Kerosene was thrown around four corners of the church and it was burned down.

Sir, the timing is devious, this is not an isolated incident because the same things have happened in Madhya Pradesh, the same things happened in Chhattisgarh and the minority community, the Christian Community is being targeted. There are my friends here from Odhisa belonging to BJD, friends of AIDMK from Tamil Nadu. I hope they will stand up today and speak with one voice. I hope they will stand up today and not hide behind any curtain.

Sir, the best example to follow is the simple example where you have States which have handled communal peace and harmony better. Sir, the Home Minister is coming to make a statement this afternoon, I am told, on the unfortunate incident in the taxi. I hope the Home Minister also comes and makes a statement on this dastardly act in this Church in Delhi.

Sir, when I spoke to Members of the Christian community they told me in the context of what is happening in India this is a small incident because in the other places there are bigger incidents.

Sir, I have 20 seconds left, I what to share the 20 seconds with a Member who is from the State where Kandhamal happened, Mr Dileep Tirkey, you have this time; now speak your mind. Thank You.