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December 7, 2014

Bishnu Chowdhury in the news for all the wrong reasons

Bishnu Chowdhury in the news for all the wrong reasons

Who is Bishnu Chowdhury?

And why he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

2008: Was a CPI(M) worker who was booked in an arms case, for carrying illegal arms.

2009: Became a Congress worker who climbed up a mobile tower and made the bizarre demand that he would only come down if Rahul Gandhi came and met him personally.

2010 August: Was arrested for falsely claiming a bomb was deployed at Bandel station.

2011 August: Pierced 70 needles into his own chest.

2011, 9 September: Was admitted to Imambara Sadar hospital, Hooghly for treatment caused by self inflicted injury by those needles.

2014 August: Forced a lady named Sushmita Guchait to drink alcohol and kidnapped her. Was charged with non bailable section in Mogra and was jailed for 7 weeks.

Locals familiar with Bishnu Chowdhury’s movements and actions suggest that he often behaves in an irrational way. That having been said it is learnt that the police is investigating the case. Most certainly, the culprits need to be booked. With this background and Bishnu’s track record, why then is one local TV channel presenting the story without even a mention of Bishnu Chowdhury’s antecedents?