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December 3, 2014

Ratna De Nag opposes slashing of funds for MGNREGA in LS

Ratna De Nag opposes slashing of funds for MGNREGA in LS

Trinamool MP Ratna De Nag today voiced her concern in the Lok Sabha on the slashing of funds for MGNREGA Scheme. She said this will be detrimental for the livelihood of rural population.

Full transcript of her speech:

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme i.e. MGNREGS is one of the major schemes that is being implemented by the Union Government through the State governments. Main role is being played by Panchayati Raj Institution, other implementing agencies like Public Sector Undertakings; Zila Parishad, Gram Panchayats and local authorities also play a part.

In such a scenario, slashing of funds for the implementation of MGNREGS would be detrimental for the welfare of the people of the State. This is not acceptable. Employment generation under MGNREGS is huge. Before slashing the funds under MGNREGS there is a need to assess how the States would be able to cope with this loss.

In a federal structure there is a need for active interaction between Centre and State before arriving at any decision. Under such a situation the West Bengal Government would find it difficult to implement the Scheme at the state level. Hence I would strongly urge the Central Government not to slash funds meant for implementation of MGNREGS at the state level particularly in West Bengal. Thank you.

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