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December 1, 2014

We hear a red diary recovered from arrested Sahara Chief names Modi and Amit Shah: Trinamool

We hear a red diary recovered from arrested Sahara Chief names Modi and Amit Shah: Trinamool

AITC Secretary General, Partha Chatterjee and senior leader of the party, Subrata Mukherjee today addressed a press conference at Trinamool Bhavan. Here is what they said:

Statement by Subrata Mukherjee:
BJP has broken the tradition of political courtesies in Bengal.

We feel sorry for BJP that not many people attended their rally today. We heard that they placed chairs to mask the low numbers.

The Centre is using the CBI for political vendetta. NIA and CBI have become political allies of BJP now.

The President of BJP was sent to jail in the past.

Do not forget WB Govt arrested the kingpin of chit funds. Not CBI. We returned money to 5 lakh people.

Recently Sahara Chief was arrested and a red diary was recovered. We heard Modi ji and Amit Shah’s name features in diary. What action has been taken against them?

The BJP should manage the Central government and worry about Bengal later.

Partha Chatterjee’s statement:
People who have been arrested in the past are questioning the integrity of Mamata Banerjee.

Why has the BJP not filed its election returns before the Election Commission?

The Prime Minister spent most of his time abroad in the last six months.

Today’s meeting by BJP is of the level of Trinamool’s block committee meeting.

If one news channel had their way, they would have telecast even construction and dismantling of stage live.

I do not understand why Mr Siddharth Nath Singh comes to Bengal. He hardly knows ground reality.

BJP wants to destabilise the States ruled by regional parties. They want power at any cost.

BJP must remember this is Bengal. Malicious propaganda and smear campaign will not work here.

People of Bengal will give a fitting reply to the propaganda of BJP. BJP wants to capture power using the media power.

Trinamool Youth Congress will organise a rally at Dharmatala tomorrow. Party leadership will be present there.

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