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December 20, 2014

CBI being used to crush the prestige of Trinamool: Partha Chatterjee

CBI being used to crush the prestige of Trinamool: Partha Chatterjee

A delegation of senior Trinamool leaders – Partha Chatterjee, Subrata Mukherjee, Manish Gupta, Shashi Panja and Chandrima Bhattacharya – met the Governor on Friday.

Those involved in mushrooming of chit fund business in Bengal were now taking out rallies and shedding crocodile tears, Partha Chatterjee said while addressing the media after the meeting.

He said, “The Supreme Court has asked the CBI to investigate the scam. But in the name of investigation, the CBI is arresting only TMC leaders. If they feel that TMC leaders are culprits let them chargesheet them. But the CBI is being used to crush our prestige.”

“We have said that money should be returned to all people who have lost their deposits since 1980s in chit funds. Why the people under whose rule chit fund business started in state were not arrested,” he added.

“We talked about the way our minister has been arrested by CBI. The governor said neither he nor the Raj Bhavan knew about the arrest. Just like our chief minister and Assembly speaker were kept in dark about the arrest,” he said.

Stating that the TMC regime has arrested Saradha Group Chairman and returned money to five lakh duped investors, the minister said they urged the governor to see that the bill passed by the state Assembly is cleared by the Centre as early as possible.