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December 18, 2014

BJP using CBI for political vendetta: Mamata Banerjee

BJP using CBI for political vendetta: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed the press in Parliament today. She is in New Delhi to visit the President.

In her speech she said Trinamool Congress has no connection with any chit fund scam.


Here are the highlights of her speech:

Trinamool won 34 seats in the Lok Sabha election. But I could not come to visit them in Parliament earlier. So I have come here today.

  • Trinamool has no connection with any chit fund scam.
  • People who are cheating people in the name of chit funds are illegal.
  • Chit funds come under Centre’s jurisdiction. It comes under RBI and SEBI. States are not empowered to act.
  • We passed a Bill in State Assembly to regulate chit funds. But Centre has not responded on it till now.
  • What were RBI and SEBI doing when chit funds were set up?
  • Not just Saradha, why have they not acted against any other chit funds?
  • There is a chit fund called PACL which looted Rs 47000 crore. Why no action has been taken against them?
  • We arrested the Saradha chit fund owner. We set up a commission and gave money back to 5 lakh people.
  • Why have they not returned a penny after CBI took over investigation?
  • We are the only Government who returned money back to poor investors.
  • Mother of thieves shouts the loudest. They are politicizing the issue.
  • CBI was given the case of Tagore’s Nobel theft. They failed to crack the case. CBI has failed in Singur, Nandigram, Netai.
    CBI is being used for political vendetta.
  • People who are working transparently are being branded thieves and the real thieves are running the country.
  • Democracy cannot be bulldozed. We are fighting battle against BJP which is why they are jealous.
  • Why they said Bhaag, bhaag bhaag? Koi nahin bhaagega… janta aap logon ko bhagayega.