Rajya Sabha

December 9, 2014

Derek O’Brien speaks on the sexual assault of a woman by a cab driver in Delhi | Transcript

Sir, there were two incidents last week, both in Delhi, both involving people who are desperately fighting for their rights. The one where the minister gave a statement about the woman and the other about minorities in Delhi whose church was burnt.

I want to make three direct questions to the Home Minister because we had this sad incident on the December 16 two years ago. So from the December 16, 2012 till now what has been done?
How many all women’s police stations have been set up in Delhi in the last two years? I know the figure for Bengal – 65. Twelve are being rolled out every year.
My second question – How many fast track courts have been set up since that dastardly incident to now in the last 24 months? I will give you the number for Bengal since that disastrous day – 45. Our target is to set up 88.
My third question is – Are you considering setting up a model, like we do in Bengal, like Aatmaraksha where young girls across executives and juniors are trained how to handle these difficult situations.
These are my three questions, direct questions to the Home Minister, because what we heard today from the Home Minister:
a. Was a photocopy of the FIR and
b. That Uber is banned or will be banned.
Let’s look at the bigger picture to provide, Sir, actual happenings. Today I am happy to state all the statistics and whatever little awards we are getting. My city Kolkata is the safest city in the last two years with regards to these crimes.