Rajya Sabha

August 9, 2018

Dr Santanu Sen speaks on The Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018

Dr Santanu Sen speaks on The Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018


Sir, thank you for giving me the opportunity. My regards to the newly elected Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Sir, I am here to with a suggestion to refer this Bill to the committee.

The Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973 was enacted for the constitution of CCH and maintenance of Central Registrar of Homeopathy and matters connected therewith and the said Act was amended in 2002.

Before this amendment, the role of inspection as well as approval of Colleges were vested with CCH and by this amendment the role of inspection of Colleges remained to the CCH but the  right of giving final approval was vested with Central Govt. to prevent opening of sub standard Colleges or starting of such courses or giving extra seats.

But, surprisingly, in the statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill, it is mentioned that “Many Homeopathy Medical Colleges are still struggling to meet the required standard”,when after 2002 it was the Government who was supposed to look into all these before giving final approval.

On the contrary though the CCH was the recommending authority, GOI gave approval of PG courses without having recommendations of CCH in Agra, Rajamundry & few other places & the House will be surprised to know that even the application for PG courses in many such Colleges came post facto.

I would like to intimate this August House that even the National Institute of Homeopathy, Salt Lake, West Bengal is in a very bad shape and despite objections & observations put forward by  CCH as recommending authority, Central Govt. has been giving perpetual approvals.

Though Central Govt gives sufficient funds to this Institution, there is no sign of infrastructural development  and the House will be surprised to know that MD courses are being run there without having adequate teachers.

Govt of India uses to give funds to the Govt Sectors  and National Institutes only and no funds for the Private Medical Colleges.  So, how could Central Govt talk about misutilisation of funds. Was it inside the Govt then?

In the statement of Objects and Reasons, it is said that many members of the Council are continuing even long after their tenure was completed.