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August 6, 2018

Night market to open in Kolkata

Night market to open in Kolkata

On August 14, a new type of market is going to be inaugurated in Kolkata – night market. The idea for such a market has come from the popular night markets in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Kolkata Municipal Development Authority (KMDA) is in charge of constructing and maintaining the place. It will come up near Abhishikta Crossing, stretching from the area near a private hospital in Kasba on EM Bypass up to Kalikapur.

According to a senior official of KMDA, the place will remain open from 6pm to 1am or from 10pm to 3am, on Fridays and Saturdays; it has not been finalised yet.

To popularise it, the market will be kept open for four continuous from the day of inauguration – August 14. On these four days, there will be cultural performances as well.

As per plans, there will be 75 stalls. All sorts of goods of daily needs (both grocery and vegetables) as well as handicrafts from across Bengal will be available at the night market. In fact, the KMDA official said, the latter will form the major attraction of the market.

There will also be readymade food stalls with dinner arrangements, along with arrangements for resting after shopping. All in all, it is expected to be a novel experience.

This will be the second unique marketing experience for the city-dwellers after the floating market in Patuli. Like with the Patuli market, the night market too is part of efforts to rehabilitate hawkers removed for widening of the EM Bypass.

Source: Millennium Post