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August 25, 2018

Be it the court or any election, Trinamool wins everywhere: Abhishek Banerjee

Be it the court or any election, Trinamool wins everywhere: Abhishek Banerjee

Trinamool Youth Congress president and Member of Parliament Abhishek Banerjee strongly criticised the BJP Government’s anti-people policies during a speech at Rathtala Maidan in Balarampur in Purulia district.

In connection with the victory in the panchayat election, he said, whether it is at a court of law or in an election, Trinamool Congress will always win.

According to him, whether voting the BJP to win is the same as bringing a calamity oneself to one’s doorstep. In Balarampur, Trinamool had won election after election, but there has never been any violence. Yet, within a week after winning the panchayat election this time, violence spread across the place. There were two unnatural deaths. They had started playing political games with those deaths. Wherever Trinamool won, peace was established, and wherever BJP won, there has been a lack of peace.

We do not do politics with religion, he said. They mislead people by saying stipends are paid to imams using the tax-payers’ money. People should remember that tax-payers’ money is used for developmental projects – Sabooj Sathi, Gitanjali, etc. We believe in the Hindutva of Swami Vivekananda, not in the saffron Hindutva of Yogi.

He said, despite doing so much for the people of Raghunathpur, some people have turned away from us; we need to reach out to them. Support Mamata Banerjee as she is doing a lot of work for all of us. She will never let unrest spread its web in Jangalmahal.

It must also be remembered that many of those who won on BJP tickets in the panchayat election have come back to our fold, some even covertly. Everyone wants to participate in the wave of development that Mamata Banerjee is bringing along. Nobody can stop them, those who want to join her.


Source: Aajkaal