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August 4, 2018

Bangla Govt planning Bengal’s first geriatric hospital

Bangla Govt planning Bengal’s first geriatric hospital

The Bangla Government is planning to build the State’s first geriatric hospital in Salt Lake. This will be a prominent part of the Government’s plan to provide comprehensive care for the elderly, including understanding their medical backgrounds and offering customised care.

The Health Department will be the nodal agency to carry out the project. Prominent geriatricians and allied medical professionals will be providing comprehensive geriatric assessment to address the all-round needs of patients and recommend the best treatment in each case.

Elderly people often suffer from more than one medical problem, and hence need a special environment and attention to help them improve their functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health.

The focus areas of the proposed hospital would be preventing and managing fractures, dizziness, memory loss depression, fatigue, and unsteadiness or weakness, and managing psychological revitalisation, vaccinations, physiotherapy, diet counselling and administering of medicines.

As a part of geriatric healthcare, the patients would be informed about preventive healthcare services such as regular physical exercise, balanced diet, vegetarianism, stress management, avoidance of smoking or tobacco products and prevention of falls.

The Trinamool Congress Government has already taken up a series of initiatives to help elderly citizens. Comprehensive geriatric care units have come up at the district hospitals.

Source: Millennium Post