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August 1, 2018

Night bus service a huge hit among commuters

Night bus service a huge hit among commuters

The night bus service introduced for Kolkata and its suburbs by the Transport Department has been hugely popular among commuters. This was stated by the concerned minister while replying to a question in the Assembly on July 25.

At present, 27 buses operate at night and every day around 2,000 people avail the service. Two trams are also part of the service.

The success has prompted the State Government to introduce such services in Durgapur, Haldia and Kharagpur.

The department has decided to designate 100 stoppages as ‘night stops’. A bus would wait at each stop for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Safety precautions are in place as well. The headquarters of the night bus service on Ganesh Chandra Avenue monitors the movement of all the buses through mobile phones and in-bus CCTV cameras.

Source: Aajkaal