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August 4, 2018

Bangla Govt to introduce marketing groups for helping SHGs

Bangla Govt to introduce marketing groups for helping SHGs

The State Cooperation Department has planned to introduce marketing groups that will act as links between self-help groups (SHG) and major markets and promote the products manufactured by the self-help groups. They will be procuring goods from SHGs and market them in major markets.

With the introduction of the marketing groups, the SHGs will get immensely benefited as the products manufactured by them will be promoted properly.

The State Government will be extending support to the marketing groups and they will also be helped with bank finance. Members of the marketing groups would be trained by the Government for skill development and promotion of goods prepared by SHGs.

The State Government has taken several steps for the promotion of SHGs and to help them in taking up projects to ensure better livelihood for the members. Thousands of women from districts across Bengal are now involved with SHGs.

With the introduction of marketing groups, the scope of distribution of the products prepared by SHGs will get widened and the problem of finding markets for the products will be solved.

Source: Millennium Post