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August 8, 2018

Sufal Bangla to open with restaurants now

Sufal Bangla to open with restaurants now

The State Government’s hugely popular ‘Sufal Bangla’ chain of grocery-and-fish stalls are now going to come up with restaurants now. Nutritious and delicious food – dal, rice and vegetables – will be served at affordable prices. Sufal Bangla is run by the Agricultural Marketing Department.

The first such food outlet would be started in Tarapith in Birbhum district, in a newly-created market.

Tarapith has been chosen to start with because it is a very popular pilgrimage site. Thousands, and during certain periods of the year, lakhs of devotees visit the temple there. They will be able to satisfy their hunger with cheap but wholesome and cleanly prepared food.

The rice, fruits and vegetables available at Sufan Bangla stalls are sourced directly from farmers. So with this system in place, more can be sourced from farmers, increasing their incomes.

According to an official of the Agricultural Marketing Department, even after selling, in many places, every day, there are some quantities always in excess. That would be put to use now. Ghee would be served along with rice, according to this official. Superior varieties of rice like gobindobhog, tulaipanji, kalonunia, randhunipagla and radhatilak would be available too.