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August 25, 2018

New enclosure for elephants at Alipore zoo

New enclosure for elephants at Alipore zoo

The State Urban Development Minister, along with the State Forest Minister inaugurated the new enclosure for elephants at Alipore Zoo after a major facelift.

The new home for the pachyderms spans over 12,000 square metres, which is nearly ten times the size of the old enclosure, that only had an area of only 1,991 square metres. The new enclosure was inaugurated on the occasion of World Elephant Day.

Rani and Tithi – the two elephants – are a major attraction, particularly for children. The waterbody in the front portion of the enclosure has been cleaned and beautified. Natural grass has been laid out and a shower has been fitted for the bathing of the elephants. The trees inside the new enclosure – aswattha, neem, deodar and krishnachura – are surrounded by small brick walls so that the elephants cannot uproot them.

This new enclosure for elephants was constructed after moving the leopards, hyenas and jackals to another enclosure.