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August 9, 2018

Mamata Banerjee lays the foundation stone for Jhargram University

Mamata Banerjee lays the foundation stone for Jhargram University

The United Nations has designated August 9 as International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The State Government is observing this day as ‘Adivasi Dibas’ in Bangla.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee led the State-level celebrations at Jhargram. She also laid the foundation stone for Jhargram University and launched 29 buses for the district.

In the last seven years, the Trinamool Congress Government has been working hard for the welfare and upliftment of people belonging to the backward classes, which includes the Adivasis.


Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech

  • Today is the anniversary of Quit India Movement. Mahatma Gandhi had given the clarion call “Do or Die” for independence. Netaji had said, “Give me blood and I will give you freedom”. My respectful homage to all the freedom fighters who fought for the country.
  • We are observing Adivasi Dibas today across the State.
  • We have set up camps to distribute caste certificates. We have published books in Ol Chiki.
  • Jhargram is a new district, which was formed by our Govt. We have set up a new stadium in Jhargram.
  • We have set up a new multi super speciality hospital, mother and child hub in this district. We have built the Jangal Kanya bridge.
  • Foundation stone has been laid for a new university in Jhargram. The students of this district can study here only. We are setting up new Ol Chiki medium schools. We will appoint 200 teachers in Ol Chiki language.
  • Some people with vested interests are trying to incite violence between communities.
  • There was a time when Jangalmahal was stricken with violence. But peace has returned now. Educational and employment opportunities have opened up.
  • We have given Sikshashree scholarships to SC/ST students. The money is directly transferred to their bank accounts.
  • We are conducting WBCS exam in Ol Chiki now. Adivasi and SC students are receiving loans up to Rs 10 lakh for pursuing higher education in India and up to Rs 20 lakh for studying abroad.
  • Kanyashree scheme has been extended to university students. Students pursuing science will get Rs 2,500 and those pursuing humanities will get Rs 2,000.
  • We are giving Rs 25,000 under Ruposhree scheme for the wedding of girls from families with income less than Rs 1.2 lakh.
  • I would urge the administration to increase their people’s outreach. Every family should receive rice at Rs 2/kg. Or else, strict action will be taken.
  • We must ensure people get the services they are entitled to.
  • We have felicitated eminent members of the Adivasi community today. We are honoured.
  • We set up the separate Tribal Welfare Department after coming to power.
  • Do not pay heed to any propaganda. One political party is trying mislead people, because it is election season. They cannot be found in other times. But our Maa, Mati, Manush Government is with the people 365 days a year.
  • Some people who have won a few seats in Belpahari region are trying to incite violence with goons brought from Jharkhand. They want to bring back the days of bloodshed.
  • If you trust me, I urge you, do not trust anyone except me. I am always with you. I will continue to work for the people, as long as I am alive.
  • We have framed a new law so that no one can usurp land owned by Adivasis.
  • We do not discriminate based on religion or community. We do not want riots. Riots bring bloodshed and destruction. We want our brothers and sisters to live in peace and prosper.
  • We have not forgotten Netai, Nandigram, Nanoor or Singur. Jangalmahal is happy today. My happiness is in your progress.
  • Say no to communalism. Say no to canards and propaganda. Say no to conspiracies. Say no to discrimination. Religion is personal. Festival is for all.
  • We have set up schools named after Raghunath Murmu. We have set up Ekalavya schools. All students, except one, have passed board examinations with first division marks. We want them to become doctors, engineers, leaders.
  • We are organising community development programmes. Our Adivasi youths are participating in them.
  • If you think someone have erred, give them a chance to rectify. But do not misunderstand us. Only we work for the people.
  • Lynchings have become a new normal in the country. Dalits are being tortured. People are being killed in fake encounters in UP. These incidents do not occur in our State. We want everyone to live in peace and harmony.
  • We cannot control rains. They are a natural phenomenon. But we are ensuring that people get relief and rehabilitation after any natural disaster.
  • We pay Rs 48,000 crore every year for debt servicing. Yet, we are carrying on with our social welfare schemes. We have not learnt to bow our heads down.