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August 19, 2018

Newtown becomes Bangla’s first Green City

Newtown becomes Bangla’s first Green City

Newtown has been recognised as Bangla’s first Green City. The certification comes from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which is under Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

IGBC is one of the organisations whose green building certification is accepted by the State Government for awarding additional floor area ratio (FAR).

To award the certification, IGBC considers several factors that include eco-vision of a city, land use planning, health and well-being, sustainable mobility, water, energy and infrastructure management, information technology, and innovation.

Among the environment-friendly aspects of Newtown that have been praised by IGBC are:

  • Three water ATMs installed at Eco Park
  • Bamboo railings for road medians
  • Tall tree nursery (both joint ventures of HIDCO and WBFDCL)
  • GPS-based vehicles for effective solid waste management
  • Automatic control for street lights
  • E-governance for collection of property tax, and issuing of certificates and building plans of the township
  • Electric air-conditioned buses (immensely popular service, as it covers all routes; carried more than 20,000 passengers in the last one-and-a-half months)
  • Bicycle-hiring scheme (the only of its kind in the country and very popular as well)
  • Eco Park (most well-maintained urban park in eastern India)

Source: Millennium Post