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August 4, 2018

Bangla Govt to train SHGs in preserving fruits & vegetables

Bangla Govt to train SHGs in preserving fruits & vegetables

The State Cooperation Department is preparing resource persons from self-help groups (SHG) who would be taught preservation and easy processing techniques of fruits and vegetables.

Using these techniques, the products of SHGs will also become available during off-season. Besides checking the wastage of fruits and vegetables, this project will also create job opportunities for many and even women can earn their livelihood by working from home.

The training programme to prepare resource persons commenced in Siliguri on July 9. Gradually, the programme would be started in other districts too. This is the first time when such an initiative has been taken up by the Bengal Government, in which there is no need for any heavy machinery to process the fruits and vegetables. Instead, members of the SHGs can do the same using simple tools.

Vegetables and fruits including cauliflower, mango and jackfruit are easily available in huge quantities during their seasons. So, they can be preserved using easy techniques to be sold during off-season.

There are around 20 lakh members of the SHGs under the Cooperation Department.

Source: Millennium Post