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August 12, 2018

Bangla Govt imposes ban on catching young hilsa

Bangla Govt imposes ban on catching young hilsa

The State Government is now implementing strict rules on the catching of young hilsa. The activity is already banned in Bangla; however a few fishermen continue to do so.

The issue with this is that catching the young fishes deprives people of getting eat the adult fishes, which are much tastier. It’s a loss for fish-sellers and cultivators as well, because the big fishes garner much higher prices.

It has been determined by experts that April 15 to June 14 is the period when most hilsa in India lay eggs. Hence these 60 days comprise the ban period, as determined by the Government of India – when catching hilsa in both rivers and seas is banned.

Catching of the young fishes has been increasing over the last few years because of the increased demand. To cater to this demand, the State Fisheries Department has been increasing the rearing of hilsa. Also, more and more fish cultivators are being given incentives to cultivate hilsa.