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August 31, 2018

State Govt creating centralised book corpus

State Govt creating centralised book corpus

The Bangla Government has started the creation of a centralised online book corpus, taking into account all the books contained in the government and government-sponsored libraries. The corpus would be online as well.

The utility of this corpus would be in the fact that if a person cannot find a particular book in one library, he or she would be able to know which other library(ies) is/are stocking it. This facility would be of immense help especially to students and scholars who sometimes need to access rare books.

The facility was announced by the State Mass Education Extension & Library Services Minister on August 31, on the occasion of National Library Day.

The Trinamool Congress Government has given special emphasis on the state and services of public libraries. To ensure that, it has set up a State Library Council. Committees have been set up at the district level too.

It may be mentioned that there are 2,480 public libraries in the State.

Image Source: British Council