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August 24, 2018

’Safe Drive, Save Life’ will become a global model: Mamata Banerjee at ‘Jaya Hey’ event

’Safe Drive, Save Life’ will become a global model: Mamata Banerjee at ‘Jaya Hey’ event

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today showered praises on the state police force. She said they did not get any holidays and cannot even spend time with their families during festivals because of their commitment to work. She also praised the various community development programmes started by the police.

The Chief Minister also said that ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ will become a global model one day, and asked each and every one to spread awareness about road safety.

Highlights of the CM’s speech:

  • We started this event called ‘Jaya Hey’ in 2011. I hope this event will reach newer heights of glory in the days to come.
  • The police does not have any holidays. They do not celebrate any festival with their festivals. Their work is to serve the country 24X7 for 365 days. People are part of their larger family.
  • From Dol to Eid – during every festival we need them. From social functions to road accidents, police is required. Whenever any disaster takes place in the Hills, the police goes for rescue and relief operations. We cannot spend a second without their help.
  • The police to their work willingly and with earnestness. Their families are their pillars of support. We cannot do anything for them. So we started this function.
  • We all commit mistakes. When we work for 365 days in a years, small slip-ups are bound to happen. We must remember that. Whether it is scorching heat or raining torrentially, even when we do not want to step out, a traffic police personnel has to perform his duty. They are the guardians of the people.
  • Presence of police assures us of our safety. They have to be alert all the time. Their work is not just providing training or maintaining law and order. They also take part in community development programmes. They organise blood donation camps.
  • Like Kanyashree, Safe Drive Save Life will become a global model one day. It is being implemented in other States as well. What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. Number of road accidents have reduced a lot ever since this project was launched.We all must raise awareness about road safety. We must all participate to save even one precious life.
  • It is the police’s job to save lives, not take them. My best wishes to all police personnel and their families on this special day. My best wishes to all those who are associated with this ‘Jaya Hey’ programme.