Rajya Sabha

August 3, 2018

Derek O’Brien speaks on the NRC issue

Derek O’Brien speaks on the NRC issue


Sir, thank you. I have two suggestions and two questions.

My first suggestion is… this discussion has been going on for the last 47 minutes, and we have heard the name of only one State. Assam. This is not just an Assam issue. This is an issue for Rajasthan, an issue for Punjab, an issue for UP, an issue for Bengal. This is a national issue. This is a human rights issue, a humanitarian issue.

My second point, Sir. This is classic double-speak. What is the real voice of the Government? What Home Minister says here or what BJP President says outside? We need to know the real voice. We are hearing two voices.

When the Home Minister spoke for 20 minutes, we listened to him. Get them Sir, to listen to us when we speak. I am quoting the Home Minister, what he said just now in the House: “communal disharmony is being spread”. Yes Sir, it is being spread. But I want to ask the Home Minister, who is spreading disharmony?

Two of my colleagues from Rajya Sabha, four of my colleague MPs from LS, they went yesterday and they said, Section 144 is on. They were ready to go in groups of two, Sir, instead of big groups. If everything was peaceful… we all saw what happened yesterday.

Sir, let me clarify, I am no quizmaster. I am the Parliamentary Party Leader in the Rajya Sabha for Trinamool. I am no quizmaster.

Home Minister must clarify if he approves of all those statements coming out, including those about shooting people. We must not encourage double-speak. We cannot allow refugees in the country. We have to accept that, Sir.

Sir, there are 16 documents needed to prove one’s citizenship. Similarly, Sir, there are higher constitutional authorities who must also furnish their graduation certificates.