Lok Sabha

August 2, 2018

Saugata Roy speaks on the issue of NRC in Assam

Saugata Roy speaks on the issue of NRC in Assam


Madam, thank you for allowing me to speak on the issue of National Registration of Citizens (NRC). We have been agitating over the issue of the NRC, which has been published, over the last few days. Even today, we have moved an Adjournment Motion over this issue.

As we have already mentioned, in the list of 40 lakh names that have been left out of the NRC, not only are there Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims, but also the names of people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, and of six lakh SCs too, people who are called Matuas. These Matuas are blockading railway tracks in Bengal in protest against the NRC.

Our Chief Minister has already said, that this will lead to a bloodbath and a civil war. She has also said that the Union Government is following a divide-and-rule policy. The BJP wants that anybody who is not a BJP voter (will be omitted from the list).

I want to ask a question. Does the BJP want anybody who is not a BJP supporter, to be left out of the list? This should not happen. Four of our Lok Sabha members have gone to Assam. The Home Minister should also go to Assam immediately.