Lok Sabha

August 3, 2018

Kalyan Banerjee condemns the heckling of Trinamool delegation in Silchar

Kalyan Banerjee condemns the heckling of Trinamool delegation in Silchar


Hon Speaker Madam, this is a very sensitive issue. The elimination of the names of 40 lakh people, mostly Bengalis, from the NRC list was an issue which was already discussed. Yesterday, a team consisting of six MPs, and 2 lawmakers of Bengal, were going to Silchar. Their purpose was to carry out an assessment of the situation. Who were in the team? Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Dr Ratna De Nag, Arpita Ghosh and Mamta Thakur (from this House); Nadimul Haque and Sukhendu Sekhar Roy (from Rajya Sabha) were also there.

When they reached Silchar Airport, Assam Police did not allow them to go out from the airport. They said they were detained under Section 151 of CrPC. The Parliamentary Affairs Minister told me outside that they had been detained, not because of anybody else but an officer appointed by the Supreme Court.

Now, the factual thing is this. The order was not passed by a competent authority. Order under Section 151 can be passed by the District Magistrate. Let me make it clear that they were were going to Silchar just to make an assessment. But the police told them, no they will conduct a public meeting. They were not allowed. Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Dr Ratna De Nag, Arpita Ghosh, Mamata Thakur were manhandled by the police; every media house showed it. It was shown on every channel. We saw how Mamata Thakur was manhandled. Our Privilege Motion has already been submitted.

A citizen of India has a right to move to any part of India. MPs also have a responsibility to visit any part of India whenever there is a disturbance. It is clear from their statement that it was a malafide action.

Madam, I want a statement from the hon Home Minister. These six MPs were manhandled just for visiting Assam to assess a situation. Is this not undeclared Emergency in the country? During the Emergency also people had freedom of movement. Election is coming. Everyone is preparing for that. Are you nervous because of the unity of Opposition? This is also a privilege. \

Hon Home Minister must make a statement. We are seriously deprecating the way Assam Police detained our team. We are condemning this incident. After the news came yesterday, we expected that the Central Government will intimate us on its own and take appropriate action. Nothing was done. The right of six MPs to protect the people and assess the situation was taken away.

There is no injunction, no interim order from Supreme Court withholding any political programme in Assam. So, they should not mislead the people.