Lok Sabha

August 10, 2018

Dinesh Trivedi asks a Question on death of elephants

Dinesh Trivedi asks a Question on death of elephants


The hon Minister has a very rich knowledge of ancient culture, and not because I’m a Trivedi, but I would just like to remind him about our old ancient culture, specifically the Rig Veda which talks about protecting the environment, whether it is ecological balance, weather, rainfall, nearly everything.

So, protecting environment has been our heritage for many many years, thousands of years. The reason I’m mentioning that is, if I see the figures which the hon Minister has given, from 2013 to 2016, every year there is an increase (in the death of elephants on railway tracks).

Even when I was the Railway Minister this was a big concern. The big Gajraj for no fault of theirs (are getting killed). We have to understand that we have gone to their territory, they have not encroached our territory.

My question today is straight. In the modern world, so much of technological advancement has been made, whether it is Google Earth or any other way in which you can really map them. And I think that is the only solution. So are you looking at using modern technology to ensure the movement of these big elephants to protect them?

Thank you, Madam.