Lok Sabha

August 2, 2018

Abhishek Banerjee asks a Question on PMGSY

Abhishek Banerjee asks a Question on PMGSY


Madam, through you, I would like to ask the Minister of Rural Development.

Earlier, the PMGSY scheme was fully funded by the Centre. In the last one-one and a half years, we have seen that a substantial amount, or a significant amount, is contributed by the States as well. The Prime Minister talks about cooperative federalism. But apparently, the work happening on ground says something else. They are promoting ‘fake federalism’.

When several States are already burdened, why do you have to put additional financial burden on them? This has led to bottlenecks in the implementation of these schemes. What steps is the hon Minister planning on taking to ensure smooth implementation of the projects?

Also, in his reply tabled in the House, the hon Minister has stated that “PMGSY is a one-time special intervention of the government to provide rural connectivity, by way of single all-weather road to the eligible unconnected habitations in the core network.”

So Madam, you serve the poor and the marginalised. You cannot cite lame reasons to extend the timeframe till 2022 or 2025. The people of the country have chosen this government for a specific period of five years, and this government has been at the helm of affairs for the last four-four and a half years.

I would specifically like to know from the Minister, what is the plan of action till January, 2019, and what are you thinking of rural people. When we talk of rural people, we talk of tribal people, we talk of SC people, we talk of ST people. And there has been no implementation.