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June 14, 2014

Won`t allow communalism to grow in Bengal: WB CM

Won`t allow communalism to grow in Bengal: WB CM

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee Fridayplaced the state home budget for the year 2014-15 in the State Assembly. Whileplacing the budget, she said that her government is staunchly opposing 100 percent FDI in defence and PPP in rail and civil aviation, but she is in favour ofmodernisation of Madrassah education.

She said already the state government is inthe process of modernising schools under the Madrassah Board.

The CM said she had instructed the policeto act impartially while dealing with complaints about attacks on politicalactivists,   while winding up the debateon the home (police) budget demands.

She said today itself three of her partyactivists were arrested in Malda after a clash broke out earlier in the day. AnMLA, a councillor, a borough chairman, and an MP of the ruling party againstwhom there were serious complaints had been arrested, she said. 

“But you failed to arrest culprits who wereinvolved in the rape and murder of Tapasi Mallik and killing of innocentvillagers during the Nandigram movement. You called them your party`s assets,”she said.

She said she has inquired on the”different  political clashes” as statedby a Left Front delegation earlier this week and found most of the politicalclashes were either due to family feuds or personal interests. 

“Youhave no sense of shame left. You have been rejected by the people. Those of yousitting there and shouting will be rejected by the people in the next election.Please learn manners,” she said. 

The Chief Minister added there were 106deaths in political violence in 2009, 1018 in 2010 and 71 till May in 2011 whenthe TMC came to power.

Claiming that the number of politicaldeaths had declined, she said there were 48 such deaths in 2013 and 12 in 2014.

Ms. Banerjee added that she won`t allowcommunal forces to enter the state.

She said: “I won`t allow communalism togrow in Bengal at any cost and if need arises I will not hesitate to give mylife. I can give my blood to save my state, but I won`t tolerate any communaltension in West Bengal”.

“I know how to fight communal tension and Ihave often heard that a simple accident can flare up into a communal tension.Criminal offence is a criminal offence and it cannot be tolerated,” shesaid.

“I cannot play with religion. Irespect all religions, be it Islam, Christianity or Hinduism and law will takeits own course.”