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June 11, 2014

Let Bengal show the way – achievements of the WB Government in last three years

Let Bengal show the way – achievements of the WB Government in last three years

On the occasion of the Trinamool led WestBengal Government completing three years in power, the State Government hascome out with a book listing the “special development plans”undertaken in the past three years.

A sharp increase in budgetary allocation inseveral departments, including Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education,Panchayat and Rural Development, Agriculture, School Education and PublicHealth Engineering, from 2011 to 2014 as well as introduction of innovativeschemes like Kanyashree, Yuvashree and initiatives like fairprice shops and Kisan Credit Cards are some of the major achievements of thestate government.

“…the government has put the stateon fast track in its first three years……” and the initiatives takenduring this period “are tailor-made to rocket the state to thepinnacle” in every field, according to the 72-page book titled Let BengalShow the Way.

The book provides a graphicalrepresentation of the government's initiatives in a comparative manner. Thedepartment-wise achievements during April 2011 to March 2014 have been comparedwith the last three years (April 2008 to March 2011) of the Left Front'stenure.

Bagging the credit of restoring workculture in Bengal that had deteriorated in the past 34 years, the State Governmenthas brought down the loss of mandays due to strikes from 172.2 to 0.65.

A higher number of students have beenincluded in the ambit of scholarships and loans with 57.23 lakh scholarshipsand 3.19 lakh loans been distributed compared to 8.41 lakh scholarships and1.12 lakh loans distributed in the past three years of the Left's tenure.Concepts of setting up marketing hubs, distribution of bicycles andconstruction of minority bhawans are other achievements. 

The Agriculture Marketing Department hasincreased the investment in market infrastructure from Rs 64.7 crore to Rs1,147.73 crore. There has been an increase in farmer's household income and asubsequent rise in the production of food grain from 468 metric ton to 500metric ton.

Construction of an additional 1,000 km ofrural roads and providing food grain at Rs 2 per kg to an additional crore poorare among the most appreciated initiatives. Others include setting up of newuniversities, ITIs, sick newborn care units, critical care units and additionalbeds in hospitals.

Under the Chief Minister's pet schemes likeYuvashree, 87,465 youths have beenprovided unemployment allowance and in Kanyashreehas been sanctioned to 8.74 lakh girls.

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