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June 28, 2014

WB Govt lays stress on organic farming

WB Govt lays stress on organic farming

The state government has decided to set upa hi-tech food preservation institute at Malda in an effort to improve the foodprocessing unit in the state.

The institute will be along the lines ofthe sub-tropical horticulture institute in Lucknow, one of the premier foodprocessing and preservation institute. Around 68 acres has been identified toset up the institute.

Mr Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury, Ministerin Charge of Food Processing and Horticulture, said the institute that will beset up in Malda will be the second most important food preservation unit. Theinstitute will have hi-tech machines so that food processing is easy.

Mr Chowdhury informed that the mini foodparks that have been set up during the Left Front regime are in a shambles andthe new government is trying to renovate them. The state is also contemplatingsetting up new vermicompost units to increase organic cultivation in the state.

After placing the budget he said that thedemand for organic food is increasing and accordingly 775 vermicompost unitshave been constructed during 2013-14 in comparison to 329 vermicompost unitsconstructed during 2010-11. “Organiccertification is an essential criteria for organic farming,” the Ministersaid, adding vermicompost would help improve soil health and production oforganic crops.