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June 5, 2014

WB CM appeals for conservation of nature

WB CM appeals for conservation of nature

On the occasion of the World EnvironmentDay, West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee has issued an appeal to thepeople to conserve the nature.

She wrote on her Facebook page:”Environment is the most important resource for life. We draw more, thangive back to nature and environment. In the words of Tagore – “দিয়েছি যত নিয়েছি তার বেশি (I havetaken from you more than what I could give you).”

“To save our very existence, we needto save earth, trees, water, sea, river, all water bodies and keep the airclean to prevent global warming. This is necessary for a sustainableenvironment,” Ms. Benerjee wrote.

The Chief Minister appealed to all to”strive towards this goal for our better tomorrow.”

With a photograph of hers where she is seenwatering some plants, the message from Ms. Banerjee read: “Incidentally, todayI am in the midst of (a) lush green forest cover at (the) Jaldapara NationalPark in North Bengal. The greeneries, captivating flora and fauna, beautifulelephants, rhinos, the fast flowing streams and above all, the warmth of thepeople around, have left me spell-bound.”

The Chief Minister concluded the messagewith the information that she has two meetings on Thursday: One with the TribalAdvisory Council and the other with North Bengal Development Council.”Lastly, I will join a `Tree Plantation` programme at Hollong,” shewrote.

সবুজ প্রকৃতি আমাদের মা

প্রকৃতির আঁচলে ভরা থাক আকাশ, বাতাস, নদী, সমুদ্র, সূর্য, চন্দ্র, তারা

ভরা থাক স্মৃতি সুধায় পরিবেশ রক্ষার সবুজ আনন্দ ধারা

সবুজ বাঁচুক, সবুজ থাকুক, সবুজ ধ্বংস করো না

পৃথিবী তোমার, আমা্ সবার

প্রকৃতি নষ্ট করো না

With the words above, Ms. Mamata Banerjee triedher had at poetry. It translates to: “The gree nature is our mother/ Letthe sky, winds, rivers, oceans, sun, moon and stars fill the nature`s embrace/Let the heady memories be filled with the happiness derived from conservationof the greenery/ Let the greens survive, let the greens stay; do not destroythe greens/ This world belongs to us all/ Do not destruct the nature.”