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June 26, 2014

Unique protest against rail fare hike by TMCP

Unique protest against rail fare hike by TMCP

On Wednesday, the student`s cell, TrinamoolChhatra Parishad protested against the hike in rail fare in the most uniquemanner at College Square. Activists from the TMCP took up tea cups as theprotest insignia. They treated the by-standers and the passer-byes with cups totea. The cups displayed the slogan: ModirBhalo Din,Railer Bhara Besi Din.

The TMCP President Shankudeb Panda said thatthe unique protest form will be repeated across colleges throughout the state. TMCPwishes to reach out to as many as 50 lakh people, he said.

Trinamool Congress has been conducting aweek-long protest movement against the hike in passenger fares and freight chargesof Indian Railways. While the party MPs and MLAs held a rally on Monday, youthwing of the party – Trinamool Yuva – organised a rally on Tuesday.

Apart from TMCP, Trinamool Yuva alsoorganised a protest rally in Belur, Howrah on Wednesday.