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June 27, 2014

WB Govt launches State Seed Mission to make Bengal self-reliant in seed production

WB Govt launches State Seed Mission to make Bengal self-reliant in seed production

The state agriculture department hasundertaken a Seed Mission to make Bengal self-reliant in seed production. Atarget has now been set to increase seed production by five per cent everyyear. A committee will be formed soon to formulate a roadmap to achieve this.

State Agriculture Minister Arup Roy claimedBengal is the only state to go for such mission. The department has set atarget of catering to 65 per cent of the state`s demand for seeds in the nextfive years. Presently, Bengal is dependent upon other states for seeds.

For instance, few metric tonnes of potatoseeds are procured from Punjab while Jute seeds are brought from Andhra Pradeshand Karnataka. In fact, seeds produced in the state are able to address toaround 40 per cent of the demand.

The proposed state seed mission also aimsat bringing a synergy between the departments of Agriculture, Animal ResourcesDevelopment and Horticulture so that efforts can be taken for addressingrequirement of seeds together. Apart from the government-run agencies, a hugepercentage of the seeds are produced by private companies.

The state government plans to come up witha comprehensive plan so as to provide assistance. A detailed plan will be drawnup in this regard, said an official. Apart from the requirement for seeds of vegetables, pulses and paddy, thestate also has a good demand for seeds of flowers and fodder.    

Mr Roy today held a meeting with officialsof the department along with those of Horticulture and Animal ResourcesDevelopment departments and West Bengal Seed Corporation Limited at Nabanna.

It may be mentioned here that last yearonwards potato seeds are being produced in the state. Earlier, thestate-produced potato seeds were of inferior quality but this has now been doneaway with. So much so, that potato seeds produced in Bengal had been sent toAssam.