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June 25, 2014

WB Govt to soon launch battery-operated cabs

WB Govt to soon launch battery-operated cabs

State Transport Department will launchbattery-operated cars in the city to curb taxi refusals, state TransportMinister Mr Madan Mitra said.

An electric vehicle manufacturing companytoday demonstrated its four-seater car in front of the transport minister.Later, Mr Mitra said the state Transport Department will launch suchbattery-operated cars in the city as an alternative to taxis.

“State Transport Department and police arebeing regularly flooded with taxi refusal complaints. There will be no suchcomplaints in future as we are taking several measures,” he said.

Mr Mitra said battery-operated cars willalso reduce pollution in the city. The cost of the battery operated car is Rs 8lakh. “The car will run 100 kilometer a day after the battery is charged forfive hours and the speed limit of the car is 80 km per hour,” he said.These cars will ply in Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Airport, Ballygaunj, Gariahat andseveral other places.