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June 24, 2014

WB Govt takes measures to keep prices of vegetables in check

WB Govt takes measures to keep prices of vegetables in check

State government fixed Rs 14 as theretail price of potatoes per kg in view of a sharp rise in prices. Thegovernment has also decided to open 27 fair price outlets for vegetables acrossKolkata and suburbs.

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. MamataBanerjee held a meeting with the task force members to control prices ofessential vegetables. Ms. Banerjee asked the officials and traders` forum toensure that potatoes are not sold at higher than Rs 14 per kg. Presently, theprice of potatoes varies between Rs 20 to 25 per kg.

The traders' forum had attributed theincrease in price of potatoes along with other vegetables to monsoons, which isdamaging the stocks. The state government has decided to set up eight fair priceshops for selling vegetables in the city. The details of these outlets will bedrawn up.

A similar measure was taken last year whenthe price of potatoes had risen. The state government had not only fixed theprice of potatoes but also put up outlets at the KMC run markets for sellingthe stocks at lower prices.

The rise in onion prices was also taken upat the meeting today. The government assured that the prices will not risefurther as fresh stocks from southern states are supposed to reach Bengal soon.In case prices are not arrested then the proposed outlets or fair price shopsmight even sell onions as well.