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June 28, 2014

WB Govt launches online clearance for mutation and building plans in urban bodies

WB Govt launches online clearance for mutation and building plans in urban bodies

The state government has decided to put inplace an online mechanism for six urban bodies in North 24 Parganas forclearing mutation and building plans. The decision was taken in order to makethe mutation process more simple and hassle free. Mr Firhad Hakim, state UrbanDevelopment Minister said that a single web based window for mutation andbuilding plans will help the people get their mutation plan  cleared within seconds.

Presently this pilot project will be rolledout in six municipalities in the state – New Town Kolkata DevelopmentAuthority, Bidhannagar Municipality, Nabadiganta Development Authority, SouthDum Dum Municipality and North Dum Dum Municipality.

Mr Hakim said that if the pilot projectcould be rolled out successfully in these six municipalities then they willalso provide such technical support to all the wards under Kolkata MunicipalCorporation.

In the recently amended law of the urbandevelopment department, development authorities have been given the power fordoing mutation works of the buildings too and thus it`s easy for the residentswho reside in the municipalities to do their mutation if the service has beenmade online. Presently, residents who stay at the municipality have to wait inlong queues to get their mutation and building plans clear and it takes arounda week to clear such plans.

However, with the online system, thesetasks can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. It may be mentioned that theurban development department has brought an amendment so that owners of illegalapartments cannot carry out mutation of the property which they have occupied.The existing rules allow a person to apply for mutation of a property byproducing a copy of the registered sale deed in the absence of a sanctionedplan. The amendment may also help prevent legalization of illegal structures.