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June 10, 2014

WB Govt to launch online food license system

WB Govt to launch online food license system

In an attempt to stop corruption in theprocess of issuing licence by the food and supplies department, the stategovernment has decided to introduce an online system.

“This new system will be functional fromNovember this year. This will have two benefits. The first is that the peoplewilling to avail of food department licence will not have to take the troubleto come to the department office and this will also do away with the corruptpractices that are involved in the licence issuing process,” the state food& supplies minister, Jyotipriyo Mullick, told the media on the sidelines ofthe ongoing extended budget session of the West Bengal assembly.

The food department grants licence forration shops, kerosene, fair price shops and LPG dealerships, among others.

“Under the new system, interested peoplewill have to apply as well as pay the licence fees online. The only thing thatthe person concerned will need is a credit or debit card,” Mullick added.

The state food and supplies minister alsosaid his department has decided to increase the vigilance teams in each districtfrom one to two. “Each vigilance team will have four members and one of thefour will be a quality control officer,” he said.

The minister said that his department hasalso decided to depute quality control officer in all the flour mills. “However,this inspector will be not be deputed in one particular flour mill for anindefinite period. They will be shifted after seven days. This will ensure thatthere are no links between an inspector and the mill management,” Mullick said.

Already the state food and suppliesdepartment has introduced a system where the public can register theirgrievances and complaints against the department on a website.

The public can also view online the statusof their complaints and whether any action has been taken against the same.