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June 23, 2014

WB Assembly adopts resolution urging Centre to roll back rail fare hike

WB Assembly adopts resolution urging Centre to roll back rail fare hike

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjeeon Monday demanded roll-back of the “unprecedented, anti-people” railfare hike considering the problems faced by common people.

Making a statement in the Assembly, theChief Minister said that the decision to hike rail fare and freight rates hadcreated problems for the masses.

When a democratic government comes topower, it comes to power on the basis of some promises. What lacks in today`spolitics is that what the political parties preach before elections, they don`tfollow that after coming to power, she said.

Ms. Banerjee said political parties intheir manifestos talk about `Acche Din`,but after coming to power decisions were being taken which were anti-people.

She said if the political parties had plansto take such harsh decisions, they should tell the masses that they would takesuch decisions.

Ms. Banerjee noted that during her tenureas Railway Minister, she had not touched the freight and railway fares becauseit would have adversely affected the day-to-day life of the common man.

She also said that she had information thatthe Centre might withdraw the present subsidy on LPG cylinders.

The increase in rail fare means increase inprices of all commodities. The decision will have an impact on the pocketswhich in turn will affect the kitchen of common man, she said.

A new government should be given time, butif it took unpopular decisions right from the first day, they cannot keepquiet, suggesting that the new government should be polite, soft and takedecision in favour of people.

Ms. Banerjee, however, pointed out thattheir opposition to fare hike did not mean that they were being anti-Centre. Itwas just a reminder to the central government that the decision should be withdrawnfor the sake of people.