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June 10, 2014

Fulfilling WB CM`s dream of North Bengal development

Fulfilling WB CM`s dream of North Bengal development

North Bengal hassuffered due to complete negligence under the previous regime. Within threeyears after coming to power the Trinamool Government, under the guidance of ChiefMinister Ms. Mamata Banerjee, a surge of development has taken place in theregion. A new department dedicated to the development of North BengalDevelopment was formed three years ago; the department has fast-tracked growthand development in the six districts of North Bengal.

334 projects, whichwere pending implementation, have been completed in just two years. Thedepartment has completed over 600 projects in the span of three years.

From Malda toBalurghat, Darjeeling to Coochbehar, and Jalpaiguri to Alipurduar, there hasbeen a flood of development in all spheres – education, health, tourism, roads,drinking water supply, transport among others.

  • The first SportVillage of the state has been set up at Jalpaiguri
  • An Indoor Stadium with500 seats have been set up at Alipurduar
  • The Panchanan BarmaUniversity and a Govt. Engineering College are coming up at Coochbehar.
  • The work of theHeritage Road in Coochbehar is going on
  • Dewanhat College isbeing renovated
  • Works of new buildingsfor Ghoksadanga and Nishigunj College have started
  • A Theatre ExcellenceCenter is being set up at Balurghat
  • Work of Bhootni Bridgeat Manikchak, Malda, has started
  • Construction of aCentral Bus Terminus at Malda has started
  • A Ring Road is beingconstructed at Siliguri
  • Works of threeseparate roads to connect Siliguri with Jalpaiguri has started

Under the Left regime theNorth Bengal Development Council spent Rs 370 crores for the six North Bengaldistricts in 11 years. In other words, each district was entitled to Rs 5-7Crores per year. After the Trinamool Government came in power, Jalpaiguridistrict alone got allocations worth Rs 210.88 crores in two years. Such is thedifference.