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March 8, 2019

We fulfill the promises we make: Abhishek Banerjee

We fulfill the promises we make: Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee today laid the foundation stone of construction of decorative footpath from Kopathat to Rajartaluk at Fakir Chand College Ground, Diamond Harbour. He also laid the foundation stone of Amtala Bus terminus at Sangam Super Market Ground, Amtala, Bishnupur.

Highlights of his speech:

  • When I was elected in 2014, I had taken a resolve to make Diamond Harbour the number one in every sphere
  • As per the data of the Centre, Diamond Harbour is number one in MPLAD work in Bangla. This municipality will become the best in future
  • Those who came to power in 2014 in the name of ‘Achhe Din’, have only hoodwinked the people for five years. They have not done any developmental work for Bangla or Diamond Harbour
  • We had written to them for beautification project but they did not cooperate. They do not want Bangla or Diamond Harbour to prosper
  • They made tall promises and have failed on all counts. People of Bangla will not surrender to them
  • We will uproot this communal government in future with the blessings of the people. A new secular government will be formed
  • Every MP gets Rs 25 crore for five years for the development of their constituency. We have spent more than Rs 2000 crore in Diamond Harbour constituency
  • I want to set up an old-age home in Diamond Harbour municipality in future. This is our responsibility and accountability
  • Few days ago, rumours were circulated about outsiders who have entered this area to steal. It was propaganda by a political party with ulterior motives
  • I will protect the harmony and peace here with the last drop of blood in my body
  • We do not indulge in politics of religion. I was elected by the people. My religion is humanity
  • I work for the people of Diamond Harbour – who voted for me, and even those who did not