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March 18, 2019

This is a fight between communal Modi and Bengal’s Agnikanya: Abhishek Banerjee

This is a fight between communal Modi and Bengal’s Agnikanya: Abhishek Banerjee

National President of Trinamool Youth Congress and MP Abhishek Banerjee today addressed an organisational meeting in Bankura.

Highlights of Abhishek Banerjee’s speech:

Subrata Mukherjee is a veteran politician and an able administrator

My humble pranam to the women present here today. Those who have the support of women, can never be defeated

This election is a fight between communal Modi and Bengal’s Agnikanya Mamata Banerjee. We have to fight unitedly

Block leaders should manage the blocks. Those who are district-level leaders, have to manage the district. Those in-charge of the booths must carry out their responsibility.

Those who perform well, will be rewarded and given charge of the organisation in the future.

Those who promised Achhe Din five years ago, have not spent a penny for the development of Bankura

Water supply projects worth Rs 1100 crore have started in Bankura. This was possible because of Mamata Banerjee

Roads have been developed. Multi super speciality hospitals, SNSUs have been set up

People receive uninterrupted supply of electricity in the villages

UN has recognised Kanyashree scheme as the best in the world. Utkarsh Bangla has also received international recognition

The talent that this land has, is unmatched in rest of the world

We have never seen Modi selling tea, but we have seen Mamata Banerjee lead a simple life even after becoming CM

BJP is trying to destabilise Bengal by fomenting communal tension

From hike in fuel prices or the rollback of subsidies on cooking gas, we have always hit the streets to protest

BJP thought they can intimidate Trinamool by using agencies like CBI and ED. Trinamool will never allow the pride of Bengal to be sullied

Mamata Banerjee has called for a united India. She has given a clarion call for the formation of a progressive, democratic, secular government

Bengal will show the way to India in the future

Modi is doing now, what Mamata Banerjee has already successfully implemented

Budget of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is Rs 100 crore for the entire country, while the budget of Kanyashree is Rs 5000 crore in Bengal alone

He has no funds for women’s safety, 100 days’ work and other schemes for the welfare of people. He only spends money on foreign travel, statues and PR

Those who used to carry red flags while torturing people in the past, now don the saffron robe

After the BJP lost power in three states, prices of fuel, cooking gas and GST on items decreased

People of Bankura will give a fitting reply to the BJP

BJP only engages in politics of religion. They have no developmental agenda

BJP survives on religion, riots and fake nationalism

BJP’s end is near. The arrogance and audacity of the PM will be defeated soon

Remember, you are not voting for Subrata Mukherjee or Shyamal Santra. Your vote is for Mamata Banerjee

We will not concede any space to the BJP. We will fight to save the culture of Bengal