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March 16, 2019

School education infrastructure receives a boost in Bangla

School education infrastructure receives a boost in Bangla

The school education infrastructure in Bangla has undergone unprecedented development over the last seven-and-a-half years due to the untiring efforts of the Trinamool Congress-led State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The government’s initiatives have helped Bangla achieve its goals in the education sector.

Instances of Bangla’s success in the education sector:

Ninefold increase in expenditure on education, from Rs 829 crore in 2010-11 to Rs 7,500 crore in 2018-19

Rs 200 crore spent on constructing dining halls in about 5,000 schools in 2018-19

7000 primary and upper primary schools established

2,700 schools upgraded

Over 2 lakh additional classrooms constructed

4,500 schools got laboratories

4,000 schools got libraries

Rs 130 crore grant for furniture across schools

65 English-medium schools started in 2019

Majority of the expenditure for mid-day meal kitchens, LPG connections and fire extinguishers in schools borne by State Government

259 Santhali-medium primary schools functioning in 10 districts and 49 Santali-medium high schools functioning in 8 districts

About 10,000 schools conduct advanced courses in modern technology

School Education Department honoured with CSI Nihilent e-Governance (CNeG) Award (December 2018)

Rs 341 crore grant for infrastructural renovation of 1,037 higher secondary and 251 secondary schools

Special focus on laboratories, libraries and extra classrooms for all government-run schools

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