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March 5, 2019

New drinking water project for Nandigram

New drinking water project for Nandigram

Mamata Banerjee has fulfilled another promise. The State Government has started constructing a piped drinking water project for Nandigram and its surrounding areas.

The project, worth Rs 700 crore, would be able to bring piped drinking water, at the rate of 70 litres per day per person, to every home in the blocks of Nandigram-1 and Nandigram-2 as well as the adjacent Nandakumar and Chandipur blocks.

The work, tender for which had been called on last February 8, would be over by 2020. As per the plan, water from the Rupnarayan River would be piped to a treatment plant, from which the purified water would be piped to two large ground reservoirs for storage. Water from these reservoirs would be supplied to the residents.

While announcing the project, the Public Health Engineering (PHE) minister, whose ministry is executing it, said that the treatment plant would have the capacity of purifying 112 million litres of water per day.

He added that this project is being built in such a way that it would be able to satisfy the region’s demand well into 2050, when estimates say that Nandigram-1 and Nandigram-2 blocks would require a daily delivery of 30.1 and 17.1 million litres of water, respectively daily.

The project is being funded by the Asian Development Bank, which has funded several rural projects in Bangla and has highly appreciated the successful execution of the projects by the State Government.

Source: Bartaman