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March 9, 2019

India in Distress: Mamata Banerjee’s new book launched (Extract 2)

India in Distress: Mamata Banerjee’s new book launched (Extract 2)

Chief Minister of Bangla and Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee’s new book, India in Distress was launched at the Constitution Club in Delhi on March 8.

One of the most powerful women in India today, it was perhaps appropriate that her book was launched on International Women’s Day.

The book is a collection of essays and commentary on contemporary issues, ranging from the sorry state affairs in the nation today to threats to the Constitution, and also asks some direct questions on the Pulwama attack last month.

Extracts from the Trinanool chief’s book were read out at the launch function.

Read the second extract here below:

To protect distressed India and to ensure that the country’s democracy remains unscathed, it is important that all those who are empowered with knowledge and wisdom, come forward. Based on the common minimum programme, all those who are powerful should rise against these tyrants, wherever they hold their power. The others should support the good fighting against this evil. This is the requirement of the present-day scenario.
To protect this great nation, the great morals, traditions of this country, and the democracy, federal structure, its institutions and Constitution, let us join hands and get ready to fight!

People of this country are realizing this and they will bring out a change. The time is now!

Long live United India and Unity in Diversity.

(Conclusion, pp. 189-190)