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March 19, 2019

Mamata Banerjee challenges Modi-Shah, ‘compete with me in chanting mantras’

Mamata Banerjee challenges Modi-Shah, ‘compete with me in chanting mantras’

Trinamool Chairperson and Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today attended a Holi get together at Nazrul Mancha. The event was organised by the International Marwari Federation.

Highlights of her speech:

My heartiest greetings to you all on the occasion of Holi. May the festivities add colours and happiness to your lives

No matter what we do, we are criticised. That should not deter us from working for the people

Some people only make tall promises. They should at least fulfill them

We should not play politics over the blood of our jawans

Some people say there is no law and order in Bengal. I want to ask you, is it true?

I ask you, are you unsafe in Bengal? Can people not go about their daily work here?

They allege we do not allow Durga Puja in Bengal. It could not be further from truth

We do not believe in religion of hatred. We believe in humanism

We recently inaugurated a skywalk at Dakshineshwar. We have developed Gangasagar.

People used to say “Sab tirtha barbar, Gangasagar ekbar”. Now they say “Gangasagar barbar”

They only engage in political rhetoric over Ram Mandir before elections

We have renovated and redeveloped temples at Tarapith, Tarakeshwar, Dakshineshwar

Worship does not mean only putting a tilak on the forehead. You must understand the meaning of the mantras

I challenge Modi-Shah to compete with me in chanting mantras

We love everyone – irrespective of their communities. We respect everyone equally
We never discriminate among people. Everyone who lives in our State is our own

They are trying to intimidate people by misusing the agencies.

People of the country must love the leader of the nation. But now, they are afraid of the leader.

On the occasion of Holi, I want to assure you that the country needs a change, so that businesses do not suffer

We have to work together to make a new policy

Let us live together in harmony, peace and unity. Holi mubarak to all. Satyameva Jayate