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March 26, 2019

Bangla No. 1 in MSME sector

Bangla No. 1 in MSME sector

Bangla ranks number one in India in micro, small and medium enterprises

  • 1.36 crore people being employed by 90 lakh MSME units
  • Bangla contributes 14 per cent to the country’s total income in the MSME sector
  • Over 6 lakh people employed directly in 471 new MSME and textile clusters
  • Lakhs of handloom weavers trained and given loom for free to make them self-sufficient
  • Number of handloom cooperatives increased by six times
  • Biswa Bangla store has become a formidable brand, taking traditional handicrafts of the State to international markets
  • Number of muslin artistes engaged in muslin production increased from nearly zero to 7,000
  • Number of handicraft entrepreneurs increased twofold to reach 6 lakh
  • Turnover of silk sector increased by over two times
  • 10 Rural Craft Hubs set up in conjunction with UNESCO for the welfare of craft-makers
  • Tantuja and Manjusha became profit-making bodies, their turnover increasing about five times since 2011
  • Tribal and Sabar artisans of Jangalmahal being specially trained and their products marketed all over
  • Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haats functional in Durgapur, Santiniketan, Siliguri and Rajarhat
  • ‘Taant Haats’ set up in Purbasthali, Dhatrigram and Udaynarayanpur to promote marketing of handloom products
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