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March 9, 2019

Jalpaiguri circuit bench a new feather in Bangla’s crown: Mamata Banerjee

Jalpaiguri circuit bench a new feather in Bangla’s crown: Mamata Banerjee

Today Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the Jalpaiguri circuit bench of the Calcutta High Court. Through this, a long-standing dream of the people of north Bengal has been fulfilled.

Highlights of the chief minister’s speech:

This new circuit is a historic landmark; it was planned in 1988 and has come to fruition today.

I had laid the foundation stone in 2012; it might have been completed much earlier, but I don’t want to go into any controversy; I am happy that it has at last started functioning.

Justice must be dispensed on time, and for that new courts, more judges and better-informed judges are the necessity.

Therefore I ask all in the legal fraternity to continue to sharpen their legal skills.

I would also request judges and lawyers to try and do at least 10 per cent of their work for the poor.

There are 88 fast-track courts in Bangla, of these 55 are for women only.

These fast-track courts are all run by the State Govt, as the Centre had stopped its funding.

Democracy must be strengthened and the media must be more responsible to save the Constitution.

Another important thing I want to say is that judges and lawyers should be allowed to speak in regional languages too in court, and not just in English; the regional sentiment must be respected.

Knowing regional languages – be it for officials or judges – is very important as communication with local people happens more smoothly in local languages.