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March 2, 2019

Banglar Shiksha – integrated school information portal – inaugurated

Banglar Shiksha – integrated school information portal – inaugurated

The State Government has started a school information management system, in the form of a web portal called Banglar Shiksha. It was inaugurated on February 26 by the State Education Minister.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the education system in the State has made a lot of progress at all levels – school, college and university.

Along with the portal were launched three apps – Teachers/Students app (for classroom management), m-PARIDARSHAN app (for monitoring and supervision of schools) and e-HRMS app (for storing personal data of teachers including their salary) – and a programme called Mid-Day Meal Inspection (for monitoring of mid-day meals).

By accessing the portal, one can get information related to school curriculum (e-textbooks and training materials for teachers), students (attendance and examination results), teachers (academic data) and other staff, and get the links to school websites.

Another new feature being introduced through the portal is unique ID codes for students, which will be valid for their entire school lives. This system will help the school administrations track student-related details.

Further, the portal has links to certain other websites too: for Mid-Day Meal Scheme, integrated online salary management system (i-OSMS), pension, Sabooj Sathi Scheme, scholarships and the Central scheme, Samagra Shiksha.

From the portal, students will also be able to download their identity cards, report cards, character certificates and transfer certificates.

The head teacher of a school will have the right to grant access to areas of the portal to teachers, students, staff and guardians, according to need.

The government is training the head teachers of schools in different districts in managing the system.

Thus this portal on the State school education sector will make monitoring easy on every front.

The website also has a section called ‘Important Events’ which lists the achievements of students from government schools in different competitions.