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March 5, 2019

State Govt notifies 5,500 acres for heavy industries

State Govt notifies 5,500 acres for heavy industries

The West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) has notified about 50 per cent of the land under it, or 5,473 acres, for heavy industries. The total land available in Bangla for industry at present amounts to 10,223 acres.

The WBIDC has also created the necessary infrastructure like water supply, power, roads, administrative buildings, etc. in those land plots located across Bangla,

This step has been taken keeping in view the huge response that the Bengal Global Business Summit evoked this time, bringing in investment proposals worth Rs 2,84,288 crore which is the highest ever.

Also, forty per cent of the proposals received at the four previous BGBS are already in different stages of execution, with the four previous summits bringing in proposals worth a total of Rs 9.5 lakh crore.

There are a total of 148 industrial parks or estates in Bangla at present, whose details have been published in a recently-released app by the State Government called Silpa Disha.

Source: Bartaman

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